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The Baku Street Circuit is one of 8 street circuits on the 2022 calender.

It is perhaps best known for the ancient wall that runs along the left hand side of the track between turns 8 and 12; there is nothing like it on any other circuit, although there is only one stand that provides a view of this part of the track.

On the other side of that wall is the old city which is completely surrounded by the track. There are plenty of shops and dining establishments along with the 1300+ year old Maiden Tower.

F1 Azerbaijan Flame Tower


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Head up to Highland Park at sunset to see the city light up. The park is accessed by an impressively lit staircase, a perfect selfie location. And for something out of the ordinary, you must visit the War Trophies Park, I’ve seen nothing like it in my travels.

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The city of Baku is full of character and surprises and at night, many of the skyscrapers are lit up magnificently. Taxis are cheap, Uber is available and you can rent bikes and scooters on the promenade. And while the city around the track is well presented, if you go further out you get a rather more basic view of life in Azerbaijan.

The two main F1 hotels are the JW Marriot at the eastern end of the paddock and the Hilton at the western end. Most of the drivers stay at one of these two hotels so if you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of them, book a room there or wait out the front pre and post the day’s action.

If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, I can recommend both the Boulevarde and Intourist Hotels, and I recollect having the best pizza of 2021 at Scalini Restaurant on Sardar Fashion Avenue.

F1 Azerbaijan Streets


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ABOUT THE Azerbaijan


The Baku Street Circuit winds its way through this busy city and back along the Caspian Sea foreshore. It’s renowned for it’s 2.2km Neftchilar Avenue straight which provides plenty of overtaking opportunities.

Since 2016

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Charles Leclerc (2019)

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Azerbaijan Grand Prix Results 2022

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Position Driver Team Q1 Q2 Q3
1 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:42.865 1:42.046 1:41.359
2 Sergio Pérez Red Bull 1:42.733 1:41.955 1:41.641
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:42.722 1:42.227 1:41.706
4 Carlos Sainz Ferrari 1:42.957 1:42.088 1:41.814
5 George Russell Mercedes 1:43.754 1:43.281 1:42.712
6 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri 1:43.268 1:43.129 1:42.845
7 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:43.939 1:43.182 1:42.924
8 Yuki Tsunoda AlphaTauri 1:43.595 1:43.376 1:43.056
9 Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin 1:43.279 1:43.268 1:43.091
10 Fernando Alonso Alpine F1 Team 1:44.083 1:43.360 1:43.173
11 Lando Norris McLaren 1:44.237 1:43.398
12 Daniel Ricciardo McLaren 1:44.437 1:43.574
13 Esteban Ocon Alpine F1 Team 1:43.903 1:43.585
14 Guanyu Zhou Alfa Romeo 1:43.777 1:43.790
15 Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo 1:44.478 1:44.444
16 Kevin Magnussen Haas F1 Team 1:44.643
17 Alexander Albon Williams 1:44.719
18 Nicholas Latifi Williams 1:45.367
19 Lance Stroll Aston Martin 1:45.371
20 Mick Schumacher Haas F1 Team 1:45.775
Position Driver Team Time Points
1 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:34:05.941 25
2 Sergio Pérez Red Bull +20.823 19
3 George Russell Mercedes +45.995 15
4 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes +1:11.679 12
5 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri +1:17.299 10
6 Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin +1:24.099 8
7 Fernando Alonso Alpine F1 Team +1:28.596 6
8 Daniel Ricciardo McLaren +1:32.207 4
9 Lando Norris McLaren +1:32.556 2
10 Esteban Ocon Alpine F1 Team +15.628 1
11 Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo 0
12 Alexander Albon Williams 0
13 Yuki Tsunoda AlphaTauri 0
14 Mick Schumacher Haas F1 Team 0
15 Nicholas Latifi Williams 0
16 Lance Stroll Aston Martin 0
17 Kevin Magnussen Haas F1 Team 0
18 Guanyu Zhou Alfa Romeo 0
19 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 0
20 Carlos Sainz Ferrari 0