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It was a quiet and relaxed start to the day in the paddock here at the Bahrain Grand Prix.  But really, the Bahrain paddock and track come to life after dark thanks to some fine lighting.Normally all of the drivers and team principals wear team tops and bottoms but today many of the drivers wore casual bottoms with Charles in rolled up jeans and Daniel in denim shorts; with Stance socks of course.Early in the day, the F2 drivers posed for their 2019 “class photo” on the pit straight. For those not in the know about this lot, the two interesting factors are 1) there’s a female driver in the group and 2) Michael Schumacher’s son Mick (below)  is one of the twenty and he’ll be testing for Alfa Romeo next week here in Bahrain. Speaking of Alfa Romeo, here’s the team boss Frederic Vasseur enjoying the company of his 23 year old son Julian. I think the out of focus head over Julian’s shoulder belongs to Lewis Hamilton’s physio, the lively Angela Cullen.Her boss, Lewis Hamilton, zipped through the paddock on his scooter, even giving the handful of photographers next to me, a broad smile as he navigated his way past us. Red Bull team member Nigel Hope (below in blue) has been with the team for a goodly long time and today I caught him catching up with Daniel Ricciardo’s trainer Michael Italiano and past Red Bull champion Sebastian Vettel.Normally when drivers meet with their crew they do it out of sight of the paddock throng, however, the weather was so nice today a number of them (including Daniel Ricciardo) met on the balconies of their hospitality suites.Here’s Pierre Gasly having a conversation with Charles Leclerc’s manager Morgan Caron and while he looks intense (perhaps even angry) he was nothing like that in fact he’s nothing but a gentleman.And to round things off tonight, here is a selection of pics that I enjoyed taking, starting off with this one of pit straight from ground level. I liked this shot of Haas driver Romain Grosjean dressed to race despite there being no car action today. Seb’s moustache has thickened up in the 11 days since I last saw him in Melbourne.I came across two pairs of drivers together during the day. This English woman made it abundantly clear that she supports Daniel. Nico was looking cool coming out of the hospitality suite.And last thing of my day was the interviews in the media pen. The shot below being my favourite.Following a much needed night’s rest, it is all on again tomorrow.  Please, keep an eye on my instagram account for pics throughout each of the remaining 3 days and let’s communicate again next Tuesday when I post mt post-race blog.