High quality images from F1 accredited photographer, Kym Illman.

Kym Illman is the number one Formula 1 photographer on Instagram and the only Australian shooter to be permanently accredited.

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Everything you need to know about F1’s George Russell

There’s plenty you don’t know about the likeable Williams driver George Russell, from his unusual helmet sponsor to where he was when he found out Mercedes Benz wanted him.

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20 of the 21 2020 F1 drivers are active on Instagram – some more active than others obviously.  The one driver who doesn’t have an Instagram presence is Seb Vettel. …

F1 Drivers’ Wives and Girlfriends 2020 by Kym Illman

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The wives and girlfriends of the current crop of 2020 F1 drivers are a diverse bunch. These are strong, independent women from a variety of countries. My Wives and Girlfriends…

Why the Rich and Famous Love F1 (and vice versa)

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For as long as I can remember, F1 has always drawn the rich and the famous to the sport.  Sports stars, rock stars, models, celebrities and world leaders have all…


From the beaches of Lancelin to F1 tracks all over the world, follow @kymillman on Instagram to see all his latest posts.

It’s not just the images, it’s the way he phrases the captions. It’s his personal style as opposed to a team of content generators that don’t necessarily engage at that level with audiences.

Dr. Kathrina Wolf, Social media expert, Curtin University professor

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the Formula1Blog Podcast

In this episode of the Formula1Blog, host Todd McCandless chats with Kym about his experiences on the track (and behind the scenes) of the Formula 1 Grand Prix 2017 season and Kym’s journey from F1 enthusiast to full-blown accredited photographer.


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