Aerial Photography & Film Specialist

Aerial photography opens up an array of new photographic angles, but the use of helicopters or fixed wing aircraft is not only expensive, in many cases, they simply don’t allow you to get close enough to your subject to capture riveting images.

The answer is a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), aka a multi-rotor or drone. Kym is a licensed UAV pilot/photographer and his company, Messages On Hold Australia P/L, holds a UOC allowing him to legally perform commercial aerial photography/videography anywhere in Australia.

Aerial photography is ideal for:

  • Real estate listings
  • Marketing materials
  • Sport events
  • Agriculture
  • Special events & more

Flying versatile and reliable Inspire 1 quad copters with Zenmuse X5 cameras, allows for the capture of unique, high quality images – even in low light situations. For most shoots up to 400 feet, in non-populous areas and more than 5.5 kilometres from a towered airstrip, no approvals are required. For other situations, CASA approval may be required.

Take your marketing to new heights!

Most UAV operators don’t have a photographer’s eye. Having a world-class photographer like Kym involved in your aerial shoot, ensures you end up with a range of images that will captivate your audience.


Rates for simple commercial aerial shoots start at $550.  For a more detailed quote,  contact Kym here.

Photography Store

Seen a picture of Kym’s that you love on social or mainstream media? Great! Now you can own a fine art print of it by describing it (or uploading a screenshot of it) and selecting the finish (photo paper or canvas) and size before paying for it online.

You can also order Kym’s photography books and postcards at the Kym Illman Photography Store.

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