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Unique and Creative


As Formula One’s most-followed accredited photographer on social media, Kym’s equally at home shooting on the track as he is photographing fashion models, lions on the open plains of Africa or the incredible beauty of Western Australia’s coast.

As Formula One’s most-followed photographer, Kym’s just as skilled on the track as he is on the cat walk, the open plains of Africa, and the coastline of Western Australia.

Kym's work has featured in

Formula 1

Since 2017, Kym has immersed himself in the rich and colourful world of Formula 1 racing. Kym’s gallery provides a unique insight into the human side of world’s most breathtaking sport!

Africa On Safari

A ground-breaking photography book featuring fascinating angles, unique photo techniques and the story behind each of the 140+ images.

Western Australia

From Western Australia’s cityscapes and country towns, to its expansive outback and far stretching coast.

Kym’s passion has led him far and wide to showcase some of his home state’s most unique and vibrant locations.

The Human Form

Through his lens, Kym explores and celebrates the beauty of the human form, and brings a fresh perspective to portrait photography.