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Why is Daniel Ricciardo hugging Ziggo Sports presenter Jack Plooij in the Interlagos paddock?  Read on to find out, but first let’s talk about security.

Given the dramas of past years (hold ups at gunpoint, attempted kidnappings), the police presence has been raised this year and teams have been advised to ensure no vehicles are identified as F1-related and team personnel were asked not to wear logoed gear that would identify them.  So, most of the drivers and team personnel arrived in civvies today. Many bringing their official kit on hangers. Some of the drivers arrived  by helicopter on the far side of the track and were whisked to the paddock by car. Being media day,the drivers were being wheeled out to perform in front of the camera or microphone.  Max Verstappen was particularly busy. In this interview he was presented with an Argentinian football jumper.  He then admitted that despite having many jumpers from other countries, he didn’t own a Dutch jumper.     Sky Italia’s presenters were doing their stuff today under grey skies with Federica Masolin,Davide Valsecchi,and Mara Sangiorgio (below) in fine form.Mara admits that she likes interviewing Daniel as does Jack Plooij who is featured in the headline pic at the top of the blog.  So why was Daniel hugging him?  Well Jack had confided to Daniel that it was refreshing to see a driver showing their emotions.  He admires the way Daniel celebrates things that should be celebrated and alternatively isn’t frightened to show his emotions when things don’t go right.  I was just thankful I was ready to capture the moment because the pic does tell a story.Now let’s change the topic to fashion.  So here’s what Lewis was wearing today.  What are your thoughts?  Mercedes cap, Tommy logos everywhere with a Louis Vuitton bum bag which he wore for most of the day.  I think he’s looked better.Late in the day I watched Pierre Gasly shoot a video promo for the Red Bull store and captured this candid pic after Pierre mucked up his lines.  Fashion-wise Pierre was sporting an interesting pair of trainer$. I loved the signage on the Renault promoting their beer sponsor.  Clever and impactful.  And this shot of Lewis’ car was shot between the top of the Haas car and the halo thereby blurring the foreground. I’m writing this in the lobby of my Sao Paulo hotel where just opposite me Mercedes boss Toto Wolff  was having a good long chat with Red Bull’s Christian Horner before Ferrari supremo Maurizio Arrivabene joined the pair for a while.  I can’t tell you the subject as I don’t know but I can tell you that it will be grey and rainy for most of the upcoming 3 days.

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