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Sebastian Vettel wins, Lewis Hamilton comes from last to finish second after a collision with Raikkonen at turn 3 and it took place under sunny skies at Silverstone yesterday.This is the British Grand Prix and harking back to Friday, the weather was hot, hot for Australia (32C) let alone England, which meant the punters were getting their shirts off.For the first practice session I started on a tower and then moved to the ground for a different perspective at the exit of the esses at Becketts and Maggots.I then moved to a spot where I joined 3 of the very best F1 photographers in the hope of getting some sparking pics. It was too bright and the cars weren’t running heavy so the opportunity was not fully realised.

That afternoon I did shoot what I thought was a fine portrait of Romain Grosjean, his face lit by the late afternoon sun and the lights in his garage in the background.

Between sessions I waited for Lewis Hamilton to emerge from his motorhome to capture this shot which I found out later that day he had used on his instagram account and tagged me. Forward to  Saturday morning where I liked the light on the Ferrari motorhome so I positioned myself on the ground (thanks Alice Wright for the pic) and waited for the Ferrari drivers to emerge; Kimi was first and offered the best shot. For the final practice session on Saturday I went to the pits. When Brendon Hartley crashed heavily, I headed to the Toro Rosso garage where I found the team inspecting the suspension on the other team’s car but getting a shot was tricky as they had crew members running interference in front of the garage. When Brendon’s car was brought back, the screens were positioned across the garage.This was the best shot on offer.  Hartley was back in a new car for the race on Sunday.Qualifying saw Lewis Hamilton pinch pole by a fine margin and he was well happy as he exited his car at parc ferme.After qualifying the top 3 always gather in front of the sponsor sign for a photo, however, Lewis was off doing something more important so Seb decided to rib him by getting alongside his team mate for a top 2nd and 3rd pic. This was hilarious to the waiting photographers and funny enough to put a smile on Kimi’s face.  This is equal to uproarious laughter to most others. But the racing played second fiddle to the World Cup on Saturday as the Brits took on Sweden in soccer (football as my English colleagues implore).  Mercedes got behind the team, proudly displaying an England jumper.And in the paddock, a large crowd gathered at the Heineken bar to watch the poms defeat Sweden 2-0.  As I left the track that afternoon, the crowd were singing It’s Coming Home, the rousing British theme song.  It was such a lovely moment to be part of their jubilation.  I look forward to watching their semi final against Croatia on Wednesday from Berlin. Come race day I was on the lookout for celebs.  I was told Eric Clapton and Liam Gallagher were coming but I didn’t see them and no one I spoke to did either. I did spot these famous faces though. Gerri Halliwell, Michael Douglas and Jennifer Saunders, plus this very funny British comedian John Bishop. Then it was time to go racing so I took up a spot on the first turn tower to shoot the field coming towards me. I followed Sergio Perez around the corner as he was being squeezed and he ended up going backwards into a Rolex polystyrene foam sign.I moved to Luffield for 30 minutes to shoot them rounding the right hander. And then returned to parc ferme to await the finishers.Seb was thrilled with his win, extending his lead over Lewis to 8 points in the 2018 championship.  Lewis on the hand was eager to get out of parc ferme, shunning the normal post-race interview with Martin Brundle. On the podium there was champagne spraying and posing for pics. Although the British crowd gave Seb a fair round of boos when he collected his trophy after which it was time for the masses to invade the track.England turned on some unusually hot weather for the 4 day event which was a pleasant change to the normal grey, rainy weather that is not uncommon here. For those who suffer from hayfever though, it was a horror weekend as I will attest.  And if you can’t sleep in a hotel room that’s 26 degrees don’t stay anywhere near the track as none of these hotels have air con.

It’s off to Germany now for the German GP in 8 days time. More from Deutschland next week.