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It was back to the lavish motorhomes in the paddock as F1 returned to its home continent, Europe. These monstrous vehicles come in many colours and sizes (L through to XXXL) and serve as the home for each team at all of the European races.The drivers arrived and walked down some dyed astroturf and with only a few photographers and no autograph hunters I was able to get some clean shots of the stars of the F1 show. Estaban Ocon above and Kevin Magnussen below.I’m not saying it hasn’t happened, but I can’t remember seeing Ferrari boss Maurizio Arivabene do a track walk but here he is with the Ferrari A-team finishing up Seb’s walk down pit lane. Lewis proved elusive today with no one I spoke to spotting him until very late in the day when I happened to be walking past the Mercedes motorhome as he exited.  He was dressed comfortable in tracky dacks and a puffy jacket and quickly donned his sunnies and consulted his phone. Pierre Gasly, on the other hand, walks with his head high and often looks straight down my lens resulting in some fine portrait shots of the young Frenchman.  Entering the Williams garage from the paddock I discovered several designs on the walls using the familiar Martini logo.  They’ve been there all year but the one I liked was Clare Williams’ favourite corner, Loews Hairpin. Last week I was able to look at some of Daniel Ricciardo’s old helmets and it was only then that I realised that there is an added piece of moulded clear plastic that sits on the chin.  It obviously affects airflow at high speed but until last week, I’d never noticed it on any of the drivers’ helmets.

This year each track has had to add another set of starting lights slightly lower and to the left of the main set due to the addition of the halo which can block a driver’s vision. Here’s the set at the Barcelona Circuit.After Seb’s track walk he adjourned to his garage and watched his team work on the vehicle. The noise of the Ferrari got a bit too much for even him as he used his fingers to dull the racket. I missed both Red Bull drivers arrive but in the afternoon I found Daniel Ricciardo on one of the balconies of the Red Bull motorhome making a video call. There was a pit lane walk for three-day ticket holders at 4pm and I quite liked this woman’s headwear; it would make her easy to find if you were looking for her that’s for sure.And as I was leaving the track all of the drivers returned from a go karting thingy on the main straight.  I always take a camera back to the hotel (the rest of my kit is locked in a locker at the media centre) for precisely this reason, a last minute photo opportunity of which this was my favourite image.  Are they chatting or singing?  Tomorrow there will be some sun in the morning for FP1 and I hope you’ll check back tomorrow to see the pics from that session and the second one plus other assorted images to please the eye.  Remember to SHARE this with your friends.