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Yesterday’s race was rather dull UNTIL the last dozen or so laps and then didn’t it ramp up! Above is a shot of the re-start after the first safety car and over the ensuing laps we saw the two Ferraris take each other out with Seb coming past me with a rooted back left tyre.Some laps later Lewis took out Albon leaving Max Verstappen the winner and here he is in front of me, standing on his car in parc ferme in celebration.
But the more fascinating story was Pierre Gasly’s second place.  He’d never been on the podium prior and he was pumped.  His trainer Pyry was quick to congratulate him in parc ferme.His crew were over the moon obviously.And he even got a hug from Red Bull supremo, Helmut Marko.When Charles Leclerc eventually returned to parc ferme, he made a beeline for the “Gasman” to congratulate him and it was a lovely thing to see.But the real celebration was back in the paddock in front of the Toro Rosso hospitality suite where the entire team was waiting for the young Frenchman after he’d done his media bits.After that I hung around the McLaren hospitality suite with a throng of other media as they waited for the announcement about Hamilton’s penalty that would eventually elevate Carlos Sainz Jr. to third.It was his first podium but he didn’t get to celebrate with Pierre and Max, so he did it a couple of hours after the race, well after I’d left the track unfortunately.

Going back a few hours though, I was on the grid which differs to almost every other grid I’ve been to, in that you have to climb down stairs from the pit lane to get to the track.
I had to laugh when I saw Seb doing this. I have no idea what he was looking for but it looked to me that he was trying to get into the car the wrong way or perhaps looking for his car keys. A year ago I met Jacques Villeneuve’s wife, Camilla, in the paddock.  She is a right character and when I spotted her on Sunday she gave me the loveliest smile and was happy to be snapped for the Interlagos Women of the Paddock post (see it on my Insta account @kymillman).  And then Jacques arrived so I got a two-shot of the colourful couple. Daniel Ricciardo was being cheeky during the drivers’ parade.  Apparently prior to this shot, George Russell had grabbed Dan’s cap and threw it off the truck so Dan attempted to grab George’s hat as they got back to the paddock.  He was not successful. Lando Norris caught up with Brazilian footballer, Dani Alves, in the paddock before taking the São Paulo player into the garage for a tour.I’ve not seen the two Renault drivers in their race kit meeting with the hierarchy before, but it happened on Saturday and in the middle of the paddock of all places.And how about this shot?  I’ll leave you to come to your own conclusion.Nico obliged me with another funny face shot for my ever-expanding collection.But my favourite shot of the 4 days was the one below of Spanish TV presenter, Noemi De Miguel. She’d just jumped in a paddock puddle on the Friday in her gumboots.  I missed shooting it and asked her to do it again and here is the resultant shot.That’s it from São Paulo – more from the final race in Abu Dhabi in 10 days time and in the meantime, subscribe to my YouTube channel for access to my regular F1 videos.  You’ll love them.