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Well, Lewis Hamilton had another win yesterday; he’s not bad is he?

So with that out of the way, let’s have a look at other action on and off the track starting with the WAGs.  The tallest of them being Egle Ruskyte, partner of Nico Hulkenberg.Charles Leclerc’s girlfriend Giada Gianni was enjoying the south of France sunshine on Sunday. Daniil Kvyat’s pregnant partner Kelly Piquet looked glowing.And for the first time I shot Max with his girlfriend Dilara Sanlik.Oh, and while these 6 local promo girls aren’t involved with any drivers they certainly came in for plenty of attention as they floated up and down the paddock.Many of the drivers arrived on 2 wheels as they were staying just a short commute from the track.  Here’s Seb Vettel on his Suzuki 750. While Pierre Gasly and his girlfriend Cate arrived on a Honda scooter.Lando Norris came by scooter too and is seen here killing time swinging his driver’s pass while waiting for his mate to get off his scooter.Antonio Giovinazzi and Kimi Raikkonen had white gaffer tape over a Singha Beer logo on their fireproof underwear.The Alfa press officer told me it was due to France’s ban on alcohol advertising and yet the logo was clearly visible on the car on track over the weekend??Switching to the topic of Daniel Ricciardo, he loves to toss a drink bottle metres into the air and catch it.  I’ve shot him doing this a number of times including this one on Saturday. In the garage I caught an interesting facial expression on the Aussie’s face as he chatted with some Renault guests. Bear in mind he has a mouthguard in (covering bottom teeth) which gives his bottom lip a rather bizarre look. And last mention of Dan, I caught him eyeing off the “freshly baked on site” pastries in the paddock on race day.   He resisted the urge to partake but did notice the HUGE pats of butter on the counter.  They were the size of small loaves of bread!  And spread thickly on a baguette with apricot jam, went down a treat with those not watching their weight.There were cars on track of course and some lovely clouds to add an element of interest to the photos. But you can see shots of cars anywhere.  Let’s focus on the drivers and snapping them in their polo tops and jeans is a lot easier than getting them in their racing suits. More waiting is required and being at the back of the garages pre- and post-sessions is the best place to snare such a shot.  I snapped Charles low for a different perspective.    And waited for Kimi to make his way to the garage between two motorhomes to snap one of my favourite pics of the Finn on Saturday. You can own this or any pic at www.prostarpics.com .The race was pretty much a procession after Lewis Hamilton made it round the first corner in front of his teammate Valtteri Bottas.  Here they are heading right towards me at the exit of turn 2.Before the race I shot from the pit wall side of pit lane as the cars traversed the lane.Shooting low provides a different perspective as seen above but requires some dexterity on my part.  Lucky Giada Gianni was on hand to capture me doing the low shooting with her iPhone. Out on the grid just after this I waited for the drivers to present for the national anthem.  Lando Norris spotted the French flag in front of me and decided to drape it over himself.  I had a quick word with him about the nice pic I got of him and team boss Zak Brown celebrating with a heartfelt hug after Saturday’s qualifying and then asked him to lift the flag slightly for this shot taken just 50cm from him.  It was one of my most popular Insta pics of the weekend. And here is another shot from the same spot.Crowds were definitely down on last year, perhaps due to the terrible traffic delays that plagued the 2018 event.  However, this year the traffic flowed perfectly.  What took 2+ hours last year, took 23 minutes over the weekend so hats off to the organisers for sorting that out.

With that said it’s off to Austria for another Mercedes masterclass in fast car driving.  But because you’ve waded this far into my blog, you’re being rewarded with a couple of funny pics as a thank you. Au revoir my friends!