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Well, that was the best race I’ve ever photographed! It was mental, so let’s get straight into it.

One of the big stories of the day was Charles Leclerc putting his Ferrari into the tyre barriers. And then, not long after, Nico Hülkenberg was looking like he’d have his best F1 result ever, but in a split second found his car through the gravel and up against the tyre wall at the last turn.  Again, I was close by when it happened and snapped these shots of the German driver exiting the track. And composing himself in the marshal’s tent. On the other hand, Daniil Kvyat was on a high, finishing 3rdand Lance Stroll only just missed out on a podium finish, scoring a 4th place result and was over the moon when he was met outside the FIA garage by his trainer.  Lewis Hamilton had an off day finishing 9th and was met by his trainer, Angela Cullen, after the race.I liked the way Angela has her hand in the small of Lewis’ back as she leads him back to the Mercedes motorhome.  She is his main carer at the track and always has his back.
And then there’s the amazing story of Sebastian Vettel’s drive, starting from 20th and finishing 2nd!  Top effort that!  On the grid, the two McLaren drivers had a lovely chat about the warm-up laps they did, and all within earshot.  Lando mentioned that he’d seen Hamilton do something that he thought he might be able to emulate. Carlos advised him against it, intimating that just because Lewis could do it, it didn’t mean Lando could do it.⁣About half way through the playing of the national anthem, I took the shot below.   Two drivers missing!  Kevin Magnussen rolled up shortly after, but Charles didn’t get there until 15 seconds or so prior to the anthem finishing.  I gather they get a reprimand or fine for that.

Pierre Gasly had a mixed bag of results over the weekend.  His “down” of crashing the car in FP2 on Friday was countered by his 4th fastest qualifying time on Saturday.  I snapped him rejoicing in that result as he headed back to the Energy Station on the Saturday.He was on a “down” again though yesterday after his DNF.

Daniel Ricciardo needed a brolly to keep dry during the drivers’ parade.

But an hour later, he was pulling his Renault up to the back of the grid with water spraying from his tyres.I love that shot above as it is the only opportunity we get to take such a picture – that being with the car coming directly towards us standing in the middle of the track.

Turn 1 of the first lap was surprisingly uneventful, given the amount of spray from the tyres.Nearly two hours later, Max Verstappen crossed the line first, and he won it with a 360-degree spin in the stadium.  There were some nice pictures to be had in the wet though and thankfully it wasn’t too uncomfortable shooting in it.Below, Charles Leclerc gets his Ferrari horribly sideways at the last turn.  The young driver had plenty of trouble keeping the back end from stepping out on that corner.  I observed it dancing around for many laps and thought to myself, it must be terrifying having that happen during just about every lapSo, in the end, the German GP provided so many highs and lows. But what a great result for the sport.  That’s three good races in a row.  Let’s hope Hungary is just as exciting.

Auf wiedersehn fur jetzt!