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2019 Hungarian Grand Prix Post-Race Blog

A little later than normal but let’s start with this shot.  A sulky-looking Sky Italia TV presenter, Davide Valsecchi (left) is waiting for his on air partner Federica Masolin to catch up to him in the paddock. When she does the Italian beauty drapes her arm over his shoulder but a moment later Toro Rosso driver Daniil Kvyat comes from the opposite direction and grabs Federica’s attention.  There is so much emotion and humour in the shot.  Federica ran it on her Instagram page where it was her biggest ever post.  It’s also gone viral in Italy and has been used in countless memes.  It’s one of my favourite images.Let’s focus now on the race and yesterday Max Verstappen so nearly won the Hungarian GP but a handful of laps from home, a charging Lewis Hamilton got him.  Here’s a few pics from the race; there are many more at kymillman.com. After the race I was looking for emotion at the back of the FIA garage.  Daniel Ricciardo was disappointed and was none too happy with Kevin Magnussen.  Lance Stroll was not as happy as he was in Hockenheim last weekend. But Carlos Sainz was buzzing after finishing 5th. Sebastian pipped his teammate Charles Leclerc for 3rd and rewarded himself with an ice cream as he made his way to the media pen.Prior to the start I shot the cars coming around to the back of the grid which is a unique perspective and the only time we can take this rather surreal-looking shot.  This was also an opportunity to shoot the cars traversing pit lane but from the track side.  Charles, as usual, was camped under a brolly focusing on the race and “hydrating”. After the national anthem, Daniel is almost always the last to leave the red carpet.  He hunches down like this for a few moments, selects some music and then puts his headphones on for the walk back to pit lane.  Ninety minutes before each race the drivers head to the track en masse for the drivers’ parade.  Yesterday though Kimi Räikkönen was so nearly cleaned up by the swinging back end of a TV cameraman’s camera.  The guy decided he was on the wrong side of the red carpet and at the last second raced across, nearly taking Kimi out and ruining plenty of my colleagues’ shots to my left.  Staying with the Finish driver, he’s hard to find at the best of times but I wanted a shot of him, his wife and youngster Robin on Saturday.  I just fluked being in the right place when he exited the hospitality suite, paused briefly to chat to his son and wife, before proceeding at speed to the engineering motorhome.I then shot him going up the stairs and although he’s a little blurry (not a fast enough shutter speed) he is highly recognisable and the post was one of my biggest of the weekend.I was taken by this woman’s tattoo.  She was working at one of the t-shirt stalls in the public area when I noticed her tattooed rose; the stem being the shadow of her cleavage.   The most reliable way to get a shot of serial race winner Lewis Hamilton is to wait at the bottom of the motorhome just prior to a session as you know he has to come down the spiral staircase and make the short walk to the garage.  Another opportunity is to wait for the drivers to walk to the Friday afternoon briefing.  This time he gave us an evil grin before using his colleague to shield him from the waiting shooters.I shot from the pits during one session and focused on placing the camera on the ground or close to it and shooting without looking through the viewfinder to get some shots where you can see under the car.This shot is of the cars heading out of pit lane down the decline. And during one of the Friday practice sessions I had Lance Stroll spinning out of control towards me. He was about 6m from me at one point although I can confirm that I didn’t flinch and kept on shooting.  A few cars prior though, Charles Leclerc had the back end step out at which point I thought he was going to be heading off track and directly towards me so I retreated a couple of steps and very quickly.  There is no wire above the fence at this spot so one needs to be on their toes at all times.

Daniel Ricciardo autographed the back of Carlos Sainz’ McLaren shirt while at the fan zone signing session last Thursday so to get his revenge, Carlos blacked out some of Dan’s teeth on his winners’ poster in the tunnel. ⁣ ⁣Here is one of the Hungarian workers removing the marker pen from the Daniel pic, oh and have a look at Dan’s comment bottom right. ⁣

And finally, working in this sport has introduced to some fine people including Cate Masetti Zannini, Pierre Gasly’s girlfriend.   She was at the track this weekend and scrubs ok in a picture.   Oh, and here’s another rare shot of me with Federica after I had just shown her the pic that I lead this blog with.Happily, it’s back to Perth for me for a few weeks before the final two European races but there’ll be plenty of content going up on my Instagram page, @kymillman.

Cheers to you and thanks Budapest for a great 5 days and to Steve, Cassy, Viktoria, Emily and Mario for 3 hilarious nights!