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Congrats to Lewis Hamilton who won the 19th round of the 2019 season here in Mexico City and donned an oversized sombrero to celebrate on the podium.The event mascot had taken it off and Lewis spotted it as he was leaving the podium.
This event was a cracker! Good people, a great paddock, no rain until early evening and a huge stadium, unlike any other venue. Lando Norris had mentioned on his Instagram account that he might wear the face mask below and I was most fortunate that he put it on a few metres from me and wore it 20 metres back to the hospitality suite. While on the subject of Lando, I shot him doing the “salmon” after the race.  Now I admit I had no idea this was a thing but I know all about it. After each race, the mechanics gather around and Lando jumps into their arms.And then they tickle him and he squirms around like a giggling salmon. It was enjoyable to shoot even though the British driver had to retire early after a wheel was not put on properly at his pit stop, resulting in him stopping the car at the end of pit lane.

If you like dance music you might know this fella, Tiësto.  He was playing the music in the stadium after the podium and he is pictured here with his wife, Annika.I liked this shot of Charles Leclerc in pit lane.  I shot it blind with the camera on the tarmac hoping for one to be sharp.  And sharp (and colourful) it is. I was fortunate to find these two popular TV reporters together, both wearing loud shirts.  Federica Masolin from Sky Italia and Kai Ebel from RTL Germany. Pierre Gasly was very ill on Saturday for qualifying, seen here after clocking the 10th fastest time.But today he was much improved although why he’s gazing skyward I can’t tell you.On Saturday morning I arrived at the track in semi darkness to find Alfa Romeo doing pit stop practice.  Shooting them in the dark was a first.    Thirty minutes later I set myself up in front of a large puddle in the paddock and waited for drivers to arrive.  As Lando Norris entered he walked towards me and stepped in the puddle.  I then cropped my image, turned it upside down and ended up with this shot which was very popular on social media. Late Saturday morning I spent the hour of FP3 in pit lane and to get a shot like this,I sat here. The shot is slightly better if you lie like this, but I decided to shoot them doing it rather than having a crack myself.One thing I noticed was the steam coming from the tyres.  The cars pulled up right next to where we shooting in the above shots. They arrive with tyres that had been pre-warmed and stopped in water, causing this steam. I mentioned in a post that drivers and team bosses arrive at the track in special security cars with bulletproof windows.  This is not the only race where they do that – Brazil is another and we’re there in 3 weeks. And finally a story about this man, Marcus Ericsson.  I put up a shot of him coming into the paddock on Friday wearing these Modo glasses.  They are prescription glasses that he wears for sight. He was going to re-post my pic but given he’s a reserve driver for Alfa Romeo, it clashed with their sunglasses sponsor Carrera. To appease all concerned, he was given a pair of Carrera glasses to hang from his polo shirt so any shots of him today would feature both pairs.

It’s off to Austin next, but this week I have two videos going up on my YouTube channel, one on THE F1 GRID and a driver profile ono Pierre Gasly.

Adios from Mexico City!