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So much to report, so let me get straight into it.  Here’s my favourite pic from the weekend.  Yesterday there was quite a buzz surrounding the appearance of some footballers in the paddock. PSG stars Neymar and Dani Alves (below) were guests of Red Bull.And below is Adrien Rabiot on the left but I have no idea who his mate is.  Perhaps you can enlighten me as coming from Australia, I have little idea about European footballers…. well, David Beckham aside. On Saturday, somebody mentioned that Nico Hulkenberg’s dad was at the track so I did some digging and worked out where and when they’d arrive to get this shot. You can certainly see the father/son likeness.On race day Nico arrived with his dad and his girlfriend Egle. She certainly looked stylish in her crochet skirt, check her out on Instagram where she goes by “The Crochet Girl”.I shot many beautiful and fashionable women over the 4 days including Pierre Gasly’s Italian girlfriend Cate Masetti Zannini. I liked this woman’s denim outfit.And the above ladies certainly stood out (and tall). On the left is Spanish Olympic synchronised swimmer Thaïs Henríquez with Miss Spain 2017,  Sofia del Prado. And finally in the fashion stakes I was taken with this well dressed, beauty at the entrance of the Red Bull Energy Station and an unidentified woman with a Birkin Hermes handbag.My good friends Grace and Joe Ricciardo arrived into the paddock on Friday and Joe gave me “the finger”, in a good hearted way.  I sent Dan the pic and jokingly suggested he put it on his Instagram page.  Well, on Saturday I was shooting him with a long lens in the garage prior to FP3. I was focusing on his eyes through the arms of one of his mechanics who was fastening his belts, when I was surprised to see this finger pop up.  It was only there for a couple of seconds but long enough for me to get a few frames and as he took it away, he had a cheeky grin on his face.  He is quite the character!

Lewis Hamilton had me and 3 other photographers dancing around trying to shoot him arriving on Saturday.  He saw us as his car arrived and decided to sneak into the pits through a gate that he would rarely, if ever, use.We then re-positioned at the back of the garage and as he emerged he turned the tables, shooting us with a smile on his face.And here’s his PA Angela delivering a meal to the garage which I gather was for him.MotoGP rider Fabio Quartararo stopped for a chat with Pierre Gasly in the paddock. On Saturday I found Charles and his trainer about to warm up for a track session and as they were closing off some screens for privacy, I was invited in to shoot it.I took some other fine pics of Charles over the weekend including these two favourites of mine. Here are a couple of quirky shots with F1 commentator Will Buxton gurning for me in nice light. And Lance Stroll caught at the wrong moment. But my most popular pic on Instagram this race was this shot of Valtteri Bottas getting a post-qualifying kiss from his lovely wife. I could see her walking to towards him and moved with purpose to position myself so I could get the “money shot” from about a metre away.

For the race I shot from about 100m before the first turn and shot over the armco to get the field of 20 thundering towards me.  I then ran across the 100m gap between the straight and the exit of turn 5 to get the field coming back towards me.And here is a selection of images from other spots I shot from during the race. I was in the right spot for the Norris/Stroll crash but had my back to the track when I heard the tyres screeching but did get Lando driving out of the gravel.My final shots of the day were at the back of the FIA garage where the non-podium finishers emerged all hot n sweaty with crease marks on their faces caused by their helmets putting pressure on their balaclavas. I’m staying on for testing and will continue to post images on Prostarpics, Kymillman.com and on my @Kymillman Instagram account.
Thanks for your attention, you are now free to share this blog with others.  Adios amigos.