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Austria welcomed the F1 circus to Spielberg with rain this morning. The media centre at the Red Bull Ring is on the third floor of this magnificent building, where we are spoilt by panoramic views over the track and forest above it.With limited hotel accommodation in the immediate region, many spectators choose to camp and to that end, there is a plethora of camping areas that surround the track. The guys below had certainly put in an effort with their set-up.With light rain falling, only 8 drivers made it out for a track walk this morning and even then, the later ones like Charles Leclerc  (below),were quickly turned around as the track was closed for the two Red Bull drivers to go for a few laps as passengers in a drift car.  Sebastian Vettel was the first driver to walk the track and the rest followed. This is a great time for getting a quality driver portrait given there are no fans to crowd the shot and normally there’ll only be a couple of photographers with you at any one point and we work together to ensure everyone gets a clean shot. Pierre Gasly is always willing to smile.Sergey Sirotkin though can look like a Russian mafia boss but is nothing like that to talk to.Lunch was fantastic.  It always is here as the media gets its own canteen which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  This is the polar opposite of Silverstone (next week) where nothing is provided gratis.
Down in the paddock there were traditionally dressed musicians and a man shaving ham to go with the fine cheeses that were on offer to anyone who happened by.Oh, and a reminder, dogs aren’t allowed in pit lane.  I wonder how many owners try and take their dogs down there each race day. The drivers’ press conference was dominated by questions about where Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen might end up next year. Neither were giving anything away to journalists like David Croft (the “It’s lights out” guy from Sky TV) who pressed Kimi a number of times. My day ended after an hour at the drivers’ autograph session in the Fan Zone where all the drivers seemed to be enjoying the experience.  And on that note I’ll say gute nacht von Osterreich and report back tomorrow.