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Kym Illman Newsletter – June

What’s Kym been up to?

It’s been quite a hectic two months for Kym, who decided to take his son Jayce to work with him for a few races.

Kym’s under some unbelievable time pressure during the F1 season and along with Jayce helping him trackside, we have two people back in Perth working on video editing, plus some other office staff handling orders and despatch and of course Kym’s lovely wife Tonya handling all the travel arrangements.

After the much hyped and celebrity packed Miami GP, Kym and Jayce snuck over to Indianapolis to shoot the GMR Indycar race where Pato O’Ward signed and numbered 50 prints which you can buy here.

Unfortunately, some wild weather in Italy meant the sensible decision was made to cancel the Imola Grand Prix, leaving Kym and Jayce stranded in Milan for a few days. They’d just made it to Rome when they had to change plans again and race to beat another French air traffic controllers strike and managed to make it to Monaco in time to produce a great video about how much the rich and famous might spend on a Monaco GP weekend.

Father and son then headed to Barcelona and Kym managed to photograph some seriously famous footballers including Neymar and his extensive entourage. He also shot Mbappé and plenty of other UK and local players. Given Kym has little idea about soccer he was reliant on others around him to identify those being targeted by the media. This shot of Lewis and Neymar on Thursday was seen all over the world.

Of course we’ve had several F1 collaborations for signed prints happen this year with Toto Wolff selling out in record time. He proved to be even more popular than Fernando Alonso, something Toto was rather pleased to hear about although his wife Susie begged Kym not to tell Toto as it would “go to his head”.

Jackie Stewart’s signed prints have just been released and if you want to make sure you’re first to know about new releases sign up as a YouTube member as going forward, we are going to announce the actual release to YouTube members first.

Jayce is now off on a mini holiday catching up with friends in Amsterdam before returning to work in the Perth office and Kym is continuing on, hoping to sneak in a cheeky visit to Nashville for the Nascar Cup Series in between the Canadian and Austrian GP’s.

Thanks for being a Kym fan and STAY PASSIONATE!

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