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Kym Illman Newsletter – March

What’s Kym been up to?

The excitement is palpable as the F1 season resumes. Kym is thrilled to be back in the paddock after a well-deserved break and is committed to keeping you up to date with the latest Formula 1 action.

If you haven’t already seen Kym’s 2023 F1 predictions video, check it out now! He shares his thoughts on how the season might unfold for the 20 drivers and 10 constructors.

A new F1 season means more than just racing – it also means new travel videos. Having spent 10 days in Saudi Arabia between the season’s first two races, Kym is excited to share you with his experiences in the middle eastern country in his latest travel video about why you should visit Saudi Arabia.

We already have 5 new signed photo releases for the 2023 season and an extra special signed photo release of an F1 legend scheduled for mid-year.

Last year, Kym had the pleasure of meeting his fans around the world. This year, he plans to conduct more meet and greets at the 2023 F1 circuits with the first being in Melbourne on Friday, March 31 at the end of the Melbourne Walk end of the Albert Park circuit paddock. This is a unique opportunity to meet Kym, snap a selfie and share your love for racing and photography with him. Keep an eye on his social media pages for updates on the exact dates and locations of these meet and greets.

Kym is grateful for the opportunity to share his passion for Formula 1 with you and looks forward to providing you with insightful and engaging content throughout the season.

P.S. In addition to his photography and YouTube content, Kym also offers stunning Formula 1 wall art. Until April 2, 2023, fans can enjoy a 10% discount on Kym’s wall art by using the promo code “KYM10” at checkout.