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Kym Illman Newsletter – October

What’s Kym been up to?

It has been a relatively relaxed past 2 months for Kym with only 4 races, 12 flights and some much-needed rest at home in Lancelin during the mid-season break!

But the work didn’t entirely stop as he recorded and published his annual ‘F1 Driver’s Wives and Girlfriend’s’ video and crossed his fingers that it didn’t become instantly out of date as happened last year when Lando broke up with Luisinha Oliveira just days after the video release.

Following the mid-season break, Kym jetted off again for the Italian and Dutch Grands Prix then flew back to Perth to surprise Jayce’s girlfriend Anika with a signed Carlos Sainz hat. Checkout the video on Kym’s TikTok channel, nearly 7 million people already have!

Kym and Jayce then headed to Singapore for a fabulous but extremely hot weekend of racing. The pair captured some great moments including this stunning image Kym took of Logan Sargeant in the Gulf livery which will be used for a run of 50 signed prints with the American driver.

He also took the opportunity to take some new panoramic images of the stunning Singapore circuit; these canvas prints are available for purchase from Kym’s shop.

Jayce and Kym then set off together on an airline that Kym had never flown, Asiana Airlines. Once in Japan they had half a day to explore Osaka and sample some world famous Japanese wagyu beef before heading off to Suzuka.

In Suzuka Kym stayed in the smallest hotel room of the year – although this year’s was room was marginally bigger than last year’s media hotel.

The trip home from Japan took 2 days and involved a bus, 2 trains, 3 flights and 3 taxis. The race from the track to Osaka airport was so hectic it was either film or miss connecting trains so you’ll unfortunately miss out on living this experience with Kym, but feel free to ask Jayce about it sometime and ask him to describe exactly how busy Nagoya station was.

Both Kym and Jayce are now back in Perth although Kym will soon be heading off to Qatar for the first of 6 races on the road, with the whole Illman family joining him in Las Vegas the week after Qatar.

Kym will also be back in Las Vegas for the big race where he plans to do a meet and greet with his most passionate fans. So, if you’re going to be in town, make sure you’re at the meet and greet and Kym will buy you a burger from his favourite American chain.

Thanks for being a Kym fan and STAY PASSIONATE!