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A grey day in Sochi but enough going on to fill this blog so let’s go. First up, this is the media centre where this blog is being produced. Pretty nice! The pit lane walk kicked off at 9am and I found this Daniel fan boasting a quite splendid jacket in honour of the Aussie. Another F1 fan, Natalya, was well happy to be snapped. I found Lando on the track and under an overpass with quite the funny grin on his dial as he was doing his track walk.I followed him back to pit lane and wanted a shot from the rear, so I simply called out to him with the camera up to my eye and bang, he turned and I got this one.
He and his McLaren associates walked back down pit lane to the garage while the pit walk was going on. But instead of walking on the garage side of the ropes in front of the crowd, he walked behind them and with his hood on, not one person spotted him. A clever strategy. I got a kiss today, in fact I got a few, but here is the only photographic evidence of one from a fine Italian woman, Mara Sangiorgio, Sky Italia TV presenter.  I don’t feature Romain too often in my blog so I’m making amends, and he’s here with Aussie, Kim Keedle.
Now this guy is a right character.  He’s Szillard from Hungary – a cameraman who took me by surprise with this facial expression, one I admit I’d never seen before. I zoomed in on Sebastian with the shutter open for 1/6th of a second and this is what the image looked like. Using a much faster shutter speed I shot Ferrari hospitality team member Sara Pasarella looking joyful! And then Charles presented for a couple of TV interviews which drew plenty of photographers and cameramen.And I settled on the image below as my best.  Shortly after I saw this Alfa male with a teddy.This bird flew into the pit building and was none too good, sitting stunned in the paddock. A Sochi Autodrom employee eventually rescued it. I’m unsure of its condition. At the time I took this shot, Daniel was telling me how some fans had spotted him wearing a sleep ring (not sure how they work) and were convinced he’d gotten engaged or married. The things people spot in photos and on TV. Nico’s hair looked nice.I found Kimi on his own with a smile while checking his phone. That’s a double win!George Russell, yes he was “in da house” and I put him in the bottom corner of the frame for this image. Viki Europaplus is a local personality and didn’t she look great twirling in the paddock for me?   And lastly, Max Verstappen juggles, so I found out today. And with that said, I am now heading off to the ice rink to see a top grade game of Russian ice hockey which should be a hoot.

Do svidanya!