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On Saturday July 29th, 2023, just prior to the start of the Sprint race at the Belgian F1 GP, I walked a 350m section of the Kemmel Straight and shot an image every 25m of the crowd on the hill from the other side of the track.

These 14 images have been painstakingly stitched together, resulting in this remarkable hi-resolution 11:1 photographic elevation.

Unlike a traditional panorama shot, stitching 14 head-on images gives you a perspective that is impossible to view in real life.

The full-sized canvas print is 5.5m (18’) wide by 45cm (1’ 5.7”) high, but if you don’t have a 5.5m wide wall, you can select a third or half section of the canvas print. For mounting on a wooden frame, there is an additional 10cm (3.9”) mirrored edge around the entire print. For the 1/3rd or half size, there's a 6cm (2.3”) mirrored edge around the entire print.

If you were one of the 10,000+ people on the hill that day, this print will provide you with a remarkable keepsake.

Price: From USD$450 incl. shipping

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These high quality canvas prints will be couriered to you from Perth, Australia

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