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Enjoy a private 30-minute video chat with Kym Illman

Do you love Kym’s videos? Are you eager to learn more? Get the answers to all your burning questions with an exclusive one-on-one video chat with Kym, delving into the world of F1.

Price: USD$185

Also included: 1x hi-res digital image from www.prostarpics.com (value US$55).

What are you waiting for? Put the pedal to the metal, book now, and let’s chat.

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Video chats not available between 1400GMT and 2300GMT, that's 2pm to 11pm in London, midnight to 9am in Sydney and 7am to 4pm in Los Angeles.

You’re in the driver’s seat, steering the conversation! Whether it's unveiling the hidden aspects of the sport, getting the low down on your favourite team or driver, mastering photography techniques, or learning how to leave a lasting impression in the racing world, the possibilities are endless and nothing’s off limits. For all things F1 and beyond, Kym’s your guy. Book your 30-minute private chat today.