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F1 Drivers’ Wives and Girlfriends 2023 by Kym Illman

Let me introduce you to 13 of the current F1 driver’s girlfriends. In this group you’ll find a number of models, a TV reporter, a professional cyclist, a professional golfer a couple of students and 4 mums. Like every year, there are new inclusions and departures from this select group. Here are the F1 Drivers’ Wives and Girlfriends in 2023!

First up, it amazes me there’s so much interest in this topic. This is my top ranking video yearly. I can’t tell you why, I just know there’s just huge interest in the women these professional athletes go out with. But, these videos date quickly. This year 3 drivers have new love interests and two have reverted to single status. No doubt the busy, non-stop lifestyle of an F1 driver makes it a real challenge to maintain a relationship – something I went into detail about in another YouTube video earlier this year.

Pierre Gasly's girlfriend Francisca Gomes walking in the F1 paddock

Pierre Gasly and Francisca Gomes

First up let me introduce you to Pierre Gasly’s girlfriend, Fransisca Gomes or as she is better known, Kika. Kika is a stylish Portuguese fashion model in her early twenties and the pair started going out last year. Prior to Kika, Pierre was in relationships with two C/Katerinas, Caterina Masetti Zanini who now goes out with Indycar driver Callum Ilott and Katerina Berezhna.

Pierre Gasly's girlfriend Francisca Gomes poses for a picture with her father

The first time I met Kika was in Abu Dhabi last year. She is a power of fun and her dad is a professional driver, he’s at most F1 races doing hosting duties, this is Goncalo Gomes and he is one very smooth character.

George Russel's girlfriend Carmen Monterro Mundt

 George Russell and Carmen Montero Mundt

George Russell is currently dating Carmen Monterro Mundt. Carmen is British and lives in London working in finance. She gets on famously with George’s manager Harry Soden and has a stylist and an Instagram fan page or two devoted to her.

She has 273k followers on Instagram and is often around the paddock enjoying the atmosphere. If you met her you’d like her; she’s just a good natured, down to earth woman who loves the F1 buzz.

Fernando Alonso's girlfriend Melissa Jimenez

Fernando Alonso and Melissa Jiminez.

Fernando is believed to be seeing 35-year old Spanish TV presenter Melissa Jiminez. She was previously married to a Spanish footballer, is good fun, super popular in her own right with 652k Instagram followers many of whom watch her on the DAZN network.

Now, I’ve spoken with all of these women, even provided them with images from the paddock and by and large, they’re great people. In my chats with a number of them they are open about the fact that the intense media attention in the paddock is an eye opener at first but most quickly adjust to it and even make it work for them. And why shouldn’t they.

Carlos Sainz girlfriend Rebecca Donaldson in the Monaco F1 paddock

Carlos Sainz and Rebecca Donaldson

Carlos Sainz, who last year was dating Isa Hernaez, is now keeping company with Scottish Model Rebecca Donaldson. He spent time with her in the 2023 off season and the WAGS sites were all over it. I spoke to Rebecca in Monaco when she attended that race. You might remember I featured her in my Women of the Paddock post then. She was delightful and certainly enjoyed the festive Monaco atmosphere. The pair have not been spotted together at the track as at August 2023 but Rebecca is an F1 fan so I wouldn’t be surprised if she rolls up to a race or two or three at some point in the second half of this season.

Sergio Perez's wife Carola Martine in the F1 paddock

Sergio Perez and Carola Martinez 

The first mum in this group is Sergio Perez’s wife Carola. The pair met in a disco many years ago. They had their first child Sergio Jnr in 2017, married June 2018, had their second child Carlotta in 2019 and Emilio in May 2022. The last time I saw her in the paddock was in Austria this year where she was noticeably pregnant with the pair’s 4th child who, as at August 2023, had not been born.

Charles Leclerc's new girlfriend Alexandra Saint Mleux in the F1 paddock

Charles Leclerc and Alexandra Saint Mleux

Meet Charles’ girlfriend, model Alexandra Saint Mleux. I met her at his home race in Monaco this year. She’s a model and spends her time between Monaco and Paris.  Charles was previously going out with Charlotte Sine and prior to that, Giada Gianini – both Monaco residents. Alexandra though is not your typical model, she’s more the quiet achiever and a stylish dresser who is a popular addition to the F1 paddock.

Oscar Piastri's girlfriend Lily Zneimer in the Bahrain F1 paddock

Oscar Piastri and Lily Zneimer

Oscar has been going out with Lily Zneimer for some years now. Oscar introduced me to the British student in the paddock at the 2022 Australian GP when he was the Alpine reserve driver. She’s British, polite, quiet, classy and by the time you watch this, has probably graduated with a degree in engineering. She wants a job in F1 and with her contacts, I’d say she has a strong chance of that. They are a delightful couple.

Kevin Magnussen's wife Louise Gjorup in the F1 paddock

Kevin Magnussen and Louise Gjorup

Kevin is married to Louise Gjørup. They married in October in 2019 and had their daughter Laura in 2021.

I first photographed her in Germany in 2018 when she dropped Kevin off at the track. Last year we chatted in Bahrain, where she was at the track after Kevin’s impressive performance with Haas after the late call up. In Spain I asked to do a portrait shot but she said she didn’t like posing for pics anyway I got some nice pics and a few weeks later in France she was all smiles and happy to post. She’s a fun woman and the 2nd of 4 mums in this group.

Max verstappen's girlfriend Kelly Piquet in the F1 paddock

Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet 

Max is in a relationship with 34-year old Kelly Piquet. Yes, daughter of F1 driver Nelson Piquet. They’ve been going out since 2020, prior to that, he was in a relationship with Dilara Sanlik. Kelly was previously in a relationship with Daniil Kyvatt and the pair had daughter Stephanie in 2019. Kelly has the largest social media audience of this group with 1.2m followers and is a stylish dresser. It’s not often she walks in with Max though, often coming later in the day but post-race she’ll be one of the first in parc ferme to welcome the winner and at the moment, that’s Max just about every week.

Daniel Ricciardo's girlfriend Heidi Berger in the MIami F1 paddock

Daniel Ricciardo and Heidi Berger

Daniel has been going out with 26 year old Austrian actress Heidi Berger for 4 or so years now. She’s the daughter of F1 driver Gerhard Berger’s. First time I saw her was in Austria 2021 arriving with her dad and the prince of Bahrain. She was with Daniel and his family in Melbourne last year and popped up in Monaco this year. But in Saudi 2022 she rolled up on Sunday with luggage, hers and Daniels, so that pretty much confirmed their status as a couple. A classy dresser with a positive disposition.

Alex Albon's girlfriend Lily He in the F1 paddock

Alex Albon and Lily he

Alex’s girlfriend is pro golfer Lily He. Lily was born in Chengdu, China and grew up in Canada. She discovered Alex via Social Media and the couple met months later. They are a terrific couple; youthful, fun and often smiling for my lens.


Valtteri Bottas girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell in the F1 paddock

Valtteri Bottas and Tiffany Cromwell 

Valtteri is currently going out 35yr old pro cyclist Tiffany Cromwell. Tiffany is a South Australian, like me, who met VB through mutual friends in Monaco; both love cycling. She lives in Monaco with Valtteri and travels the world cycling. Valtteri split with his wife Emilia in 2019.

Nico Hulkenberg's wife Egle Ruskyte in the F1 paddock

Nico Hulkenberg and Egle Ruskyte

Nico was married in 2021 to Lithuanian beauty Egle also known as Sunny. The couple’s first child Noemi was born in September of 2021.

Nico Hulkenberg's wife Egle Ruskyte in the F1 paddock holding a crocheted had she made for me

Sunny is known as the crochet girl on Instagram and has even crocheted me a bucket hat. The pair currently live in Monaco.

Chinese F1 driver Zhou Guanyu walks in the F1 paddock

Zhou Guanyu

Zhou did have a girlfriend earlier this year who was at one race. I photographed her at the time but was asked not to use the pic. Are they together still? Unsure. That’s all I can say.

French F1 driver Esteban Ocon walks to the paddock at the 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix

Esteban Ocon

Esteban was going out with Elena Berri for most of the time I’ve been in F1 but the pair have split. Last time she was at the track was Abu Dhabi last year.  Canadian F1 driver lance Stroll goes for a run

Lance Stroll

Lance was going out with model Sara Pagliaroli but the pair have separated. The last time I saw her at the track was in Miami 2022.

Amercan F1 driver Logan Sargeant walks in the F1 paddock

Logan Sargeant

Logan is single as far as I can tell. Although some websites have been suckered into thinking he was going out with Oscar’s girlfriend Lily Zneimer. Trust me, that’s rubbish.

British F1 driver Lewis Hamilton walks in the paddock at the 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton

I have never seen Lewis with anyone at the track. He has had guests there but no real evidence of any relationship. Although, I have seen him out for dinner with Shakira and some other friends after the 2023 Barcelona Grand Prix but my guess is they are just good friends.Japanese F1 driver Yuki Tsunoda walks to the F1 paddock

Yuki Tsunoda

I’ve not spotted Yuki with any love interest at the track, however, I’m told he made mention of a girlfriend in an interview at some stage.

British F1 driver Lando Norris in the F1 paddock

Lando Norris

There’s nothing to report for Lando Norris’s relationship status since he split with Luisa last year a mere week after I released my 2023 WAGS video.