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F1 Drivers’ Wives and Girlfriends 2022 by Kym Illman

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Meet the partners of 16 of the current F1 drivers; a diverse bunch of beautiful and driven women comprising an architectural graduate, 2 professional sportswomen, a law graduate, a TV presenter, several models and a whole lot more. Like every year, there are new inclusions in this group and some departures, so if you’re ready here are the F1 drivers’ wives and girlfriends in 2022.

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Why Do So Many F1 Drivers Live in Monaco?

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Quite frankly there’s no place quite like Monaco, it’s been synonymous with Formula One for decades. It’s the most densely populated nation, even though it houses just 37,000 people – and F1 drivers past and present are well represented in this group. But why do so many F1 drivers live in Monaco?

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