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Well Lewis won the world title despite finishing 4th here in Mexico and was understandably mighty happy about it. After doing donuts in the stadium he parked up and accepted congratulations from Sebastian Vetteland then called for his physio/PA Angela Cullen with the pair embracing for 10+seconds. The race started poorly for pole-sitter Daniel Ricciardo as he went from 1st to 3rd by turn one.Shooting from turn 2 through to 6 gave me some nice looking pics but there was not much real action save for a couple of overtakes.Max Verstappen ended up winning as he did at this race last year.The podium presentation was HUGE!  No other race can match it, with tens of thousands streaming onto the track to watch the top 3 accept their prizes before Dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren spun some tunes.From Friday to Sunday I shot nearly 11,000 images with these being some of my favourites. I really liked the shot below.  I stood on a table to get slightly above the crowd up against the fence and then panned with the car at a shutter speed of around 1/30th of second, rendering the fence almost invisible and the punters blurred.  Not an easy shot but with time I normally manage to nail enough to make it worthwhile.This is a close-up of Liberty Media boss Chase Carey’s impressive mo. I was unable to get back to shoot the top 3 qualifiers on Saturday so I hung around the back of the FIA garage to capture the drivers placed 4-20 emerge.  Because there was perhaps just one other photographer there, the drivers are more relaxed and can expression their real emotions like Nico did here, after his impressive 7th place effort.Nico Hulkenberg’s girlfriend Egle Ruskyte (below left) was looking dashing in the paddock.  She and Nico were staying at the same hotel as us and I can tell you Nico looked sharp at night dressed in a very colourful/loud shirt. Seb’s press officer Britta Roeske featured in two of my most popular Instagram pics of the weekend.  She is good friends with Rosa (Lewis’ press officer)   And Red Bull boss Christian Horner.I shot this exchange between Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene and new Force India owner Lawrence Stroll.  I was of the opinion the discussion was not a friendly one and the facial expressions would seem to back that up.  I am amazed at the way the drink sellers hold their cash, folder neatly and wrapped around their fingers.So many fans had their faces painted in honour of the day of the dead. And with a flight to catch back to LA, then Sydney and finally Perth, I must leave you.  But it will be on again in 10 days from Sao Paulo, Brazil.